State of Reps

The natural progression of any outrageous mark-up in any industry is the development of a black market. The Sneaker market is no exception. Particularly Kanye's lucrative Yeezy brand, has attracted a conglomerate of fakes and replica factories all competing for the perfect Yeezy. Some even argue the attention to detail are not only rivaling their original designers but surpassing them. Purchasing a good replica yzy requires homework, as there are three different categories that label how well constructed a replica is.

Type of Reps, Authentic Grades:

  1. The universal term for the best replica is the tag 1:1 or 1 to 1, meaning as originals or identical to their retail counterparts.
  2. Followed by AAA, AA and A. In descending order the more A's signifies the higher quality. 

Sole-Tek takes quality grading very seriously, we meticulously vet our shoes and cross reference any and all minor differences and alter them to mimic the originals. We can safely advertise that all our shoes are on the 1:1 scale.

For example, If you do buy / ask about luxury items, the actual material can range from different types of leather, canvas, and even PVC depending on the brand. Authentic grade replicas use the EXACT type of materials as the originals. We never cheap out on the material, as a sneaker factory of more generic shoes, we fabricate many sneakers and therefore source high grade leathers, textiles and fabrics which are also quite commonly used for making shoes as well as synthetics rubber and foams from BASFS to our own.

On the other hand, lower grade items may use the same type of materials but of lower quality, or synthetic material, or maybe a combination of both. Of course that depends on whether you are talking about 1:1 or AA items.

Know full well we enjoy creating each shoe, and we find this is appreciated with our customers, coupled with no hassle returns, know you are in good hands when sporting our goods.

What's the difference between our replicas and retails?

Very very minuscule, as previously mentioned there are 4 categories of reps, we sell the finest mimics, on feet there is absolutely zero difference, the craftsmanship is meticulous to the point that even the minute attention to detail is copied. All materials are the same ensuring the same comfort and fit you would otherwise find with a retail pair.

Only if you were to study both pairs under a magnifying glass could you find discrepancies, however as we found out, 2 of our retail pairs weren't exactly the same either. Purchasing a replica is simply a personal choice between paying the exorbitant markups in the reseller market whether you think it's worth the $800's for that peace of mind knowing they're real, some of us do not.  

Does it come with a box?

Yes, here's a photo of one of our workers shipping out orders. 

Soletek shipment

What If I Change My Mind?

So far with hundreds of pairs dispatched we have yet to have a return, we love surprising our customers when they finally receive one of our shoes simply put, you're walking into a retail store all our photos are our photos of our warehouses. What you see is what you get, if a shoe is dispatched with a major flaw by accident, simply contact us with a photo of the faulted shoe in question and we will refund you without second thought. You keep the shoe for your troubles.

Are the Shoes on the Website all there is?

No, we have have a database of hundreds of more shoes that we are slowly implementing on the website, if there are a pair of shoes you're seeking contact us with a picture of them and we will endeavor to fulfill your request. 

Payments and Shipping

We use Paypal, a secured payment gateway that accepts most credit cards and protects both buyer and seller, we are required to upload your tracking details in a timely manner so you can monitor your shipment, we use one of the faster carriers for our shipments with an average lead time of 4-8 business days.